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HNP’s Role
CHANGING THE CONVERSATION 1Historic Preservation Advisory Commission Acting on a charter reform mandate of 65% of Stamford voters in 2012, HNP assisted the Land Use Committee of the Board of Representatives to establish an unprecedented voice within City government charged with identifying and advising on historic resources.  HNP worked to ensure that the ordinance provided a purview to review applications to zoning and for demolition permits consistent with the State Charter.  HNP is pleased with the well-qualified appointments made to the commission by Mayor Martin this year.
CHANGING  PERCEPTIONS 2 Education  What’s left to preserve in Stamford? is a legitimate question any thoughtful resident might ask and one HNP fequently fields in this era of seemingly endless intrusive construction and encroachment into our neighborhoods.  HNP’s answer is, A lot! – which we have been backing up with features in Historic Neighborhood News, our newsletter, and a series of virtual walking tours (slideshows) at the Ferguson Library highlighting what treasures somehow miraculously survived urban renewal.
CHANGING  ECONOMICS  3 Tax Credits for Historic Properties Historic preservation is a proven engine of economic development, generating jobs for local and small businesses while contributing to quality of life.   Owners of properties listed on the State and/or National Registers of Historic Places are eligible for tax credits toward rehabilitation costs.  HNP has assisted the Hubbard Heights and Glenbrook Neighborhood Associations to establish the groundwork to enable commercial and residential (including singlefamily beginning in 2015) property owners take advantage of this benefit unavailable to new construction.

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